We provide our clients with expert advice and counsel on the properties and use of wood and other bio-based materials and in forensic investigation of wood-performance problems. We focus on helping our clients understand both the elementary and complex issues related to the in-service performance of wood, timber or engineered composites with emphasis on their engineering properties, durability, sustainability, and protection via fire-retardant- or preservative- treatments.

Winandy & Associates has worked with numerous chemical companies, engineering firms, and legal firms to advise them about building codes, standards submissions, forensic engineering of historic and/or problematic structures, and the science and technology of wood treatments and their performance in-service.
We are recognized by the building codes, the wood industry, and standard organizations as having a leadership role in providing unbiased technical information on manufacturing of and serviceability requirements of wood-based composite products. We are internationally recognized for research defining relationships between chemical composition and strength and modeling strength loss caused by biological, chemical or thermal agents. This research in fire-retardant- and preservative-treated wood has led to five National Standards (ASTM D5516-94, D-5664-95, D-6305-98, D-6841-02 and D-7857-16 ) and major revisions to FR-Treating Standards (AWPA Stds. U-1 & T-1).
Internationally recognized expertise in the sciences and uses of Wood & Biocomposite Products and their many technologies.
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